An app for editing guitar chords


HOW DO you illustrate a lyric sheet and include chord charts for your band-members when you need to include chords they don’t know? Or how about trying to remember those ‘one-off’ chords you just ‘invented’ and can’t find in a chord book?

Life is easy if you know all the chords, read music and understand theory, but for many amateurs and semi-pros it is really difficult to make up a lyric sheet or chord chart. Notater allows you to easily create chord diagrams and add them to your lyric sheets.

Include the computer generated charts straight into your lyrics Word document, making them more intelligible and eliminating misunderstandings.

Using NOTATER, which boasts a straightforward and intuitive interface.



Insert the selected chord chart to a Microsoft Word document with one click of the button.


Easily export a bitmap of the selected chord chart for use in other applications and sharing on the web.


Maintain a library of your favourite charts, automatically available whenever you use the program.


Note This is a Microsoft .NET 4.0 application which requires the .NET 4.0 runtime, usually already installed via Windows Update. Offline installers for the .NET 4.0 runtime are available from

An example set of chords is provided below (palette.xml). Note that this is not a library, and is just to get you started. In the course of use your own palette library will be persisted, but a "Save" option is provided in the menu for your own reassurance.






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